Tissot Fascination 18K Gold



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  • Swiss Made


A watch to be taken seriously, the Tissot Fascination has a beautifully enduring design, ensuring this classic timepiece will never date. In both Ladies and Gent versions, beautiful attention to detail can be admired in thoughtful touches such as the textured heart on the otherwise clean dial, while the gold case elevates this piece into something special. Wearers of this beautiful watch will enjoy turning it over to reveal Tissot's dignified coat of arms, a mark of respect and an acknowledgment of just how exceptional the Tissot Fascination is.

Technical specs

  • Reference


  • Origin

    Swiss made

  • Warranty

    成人影院app2 Years of Warranty

  • Collection


  • Weight (g)


  • Water resistance

    Water-resistant up to a pressure of 3 bar (30 m / 100 ft)

The Tissot user's manual give information about the use, the settings and the maintenance of the different Tissot watches.



It goes without saying that the Swiss Made label is one of our core values alongside tradition, precision and innovation. So it is not surprising that Tissot gladly supports and promotes projects that share its values. Tissot has been involved in Swiss Alpine tourism and Switzerland’s mountain scenery for many years through various partnerships. It partners the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC), with whom it shares an allegiance to tradition, as well as the ever-innovative Jungfrau railways. Tissot itself boosted this pursuit of innovation by supporting the First Cliff Walk by Tissot, in Grindelwald. The brand has an equally innovative presence on Glacier 3000, where Tissot has put its name to the world’s first suspension bridge linking two summits: Peak Walk by Tissot.